Dragon Spindle – Ningazia Balance Series Book 1 (by Jethro J. Burch)

Dragon Spindle

Balance of life is key to the realm of Ningazia and the struggle between the forces of good and evil have always been in check. But due to an ancient evil that now plagues the realm, a path is set to restore balance and bring the realm back from the brink of destruction . This is the battle of ancient races that start with the destruction of the dragon race by a evil creature hell bent on total dominion over all . After the once beloved race of dragons is destroyed a path is set in motion to restore that was once lost and bring the ancient evil into accord, bringing back balance to the realm and beyond into the multiverse . Varian, a boy with unknowing power, will struggle with the magic he has been granted and choose his journey with the help of his trusted friends and allies he meets along the way, he will try and set the balance and restore what was once lost!

Another new dragon story that I really like. Let me share a small piece of the Amazon preview with you.




“The skies drew darker as the twilight thickened into a night of dark deeds.
Are we ready? Said the black dragon in mind speech.
“Yes my lord, all is in order, we can proceed when you are ready.” Said a hooded dark figure with a hissed low voice like grinding glass.
How many do we have? Said the black dragon.
“We have twenty humans, six Orc’s and four elves’, one of which is a power user.” Said the dark figure.
Let’s begin Prince Xander, bring your mages up with the prisoners and let’s begin the ritual, I am keen to see if my bargain with the ancient one has been fruitful. Beimouth the black dragon said.
Xander signalled to the outer dark robed and hooded figures, after a few seconds they brought in beaten and dirty humans along with other races including Orc’s and elf’s, one human was dragged whimpering to a dark coloured alter, in front of the black dragon and tied to it.
“Bring me the soul reaper.” Hissed Xander.
The soul reaper was a device that had been given to the black dragon by an ancient being of supreme evil, it had been made with instruction from another realm, but with specific spells and evil enchantments.
A mage approached the alter with the odd looking golden device, it looked like large pinchers, they had writing on them inlayed with silver and it almost glowed with a purple haze.
The hooded Mage handed it to Xander, he then bowed at the evil black dragon.
Beimouth moved forward and crouched his head in front of the human on the alter.
Xander moved up to the alter and raised the soul reaper over the tied human, who had eyes wide in terror.
He then stabbed the soul reaper down and into the stomach of the human, he bucked and writhed in shear agony as a purple bulb of energy grew on the end of the device.
Then the bolt grew into a huge bulge of purple energy, then it exploded out as fork lightning and engulfed the black dragon , he reared his head up as the electric charge danced over his body , the human on the alter seamed to wither and shrink as its life force ebbed away, guided through the device and into the evil black dragon to bolster his power, increasing his essence in unnaturally stolen and ripped arcane ways , the human body let out a sound of absolute terror, as it finally paled and turned into a husk devoid of any essence , it was just a dry shell and finally it turned to dust, as any evidence of its life was erased from the history of the multiverse.
Beimouth opened his mouth and roared with pleasure at the feeling of extreme power he felt erupt in his body. The life energy seemed to have made the creature bigger slightly and it made him glow with evil intent, his eyes even danced with purple fire.
Bring the others, NOW! He bellowed.
One by one the disciples of this evil dragon brought him fresh life energies in the form of all the prisoners, all the humans first, then the Orc’s who had a stronger life force, then the elf’s who had the strongest.
After the soul dancing rituals wherecomplete the evil black dragon exhumed power, which was unnatural and terrifying in pure menace, it shouted to the world that this being would do anything to gain power, no matter the cost to its soul, or the cost to the realm, asevery time this was allowed to happen, it would strengthen all evil intent in the world, shrunken in its entirety from the ritual that was totally against life.
I want more, bring me every prisoner we capture, I want the life force of all who stand against us. Demanded the black dragon.
“Yes my lord, I will do all you ask, for you are our Lord and master.” Said Xander.
I want Upotimere brought up here, let’s see if it works on a Dragon! Said Beimouth.
Xander looked shocked and trembled slightly, as killing a dragon was always a big thing and he had not thought his lord would ever do this, on his own kind, but it just showed how evil this creature had become now.
Xander now had to make a decision as if he did this and went through with the black dragons plans and demands, he would be choosing himself a life of evil that there could be no escape from, this was his moment and it would dictate his future and the fate of his soul.
He made his choice then without hesitation, as he knew that he would be more powerful than this dragon one day, even if it cost him his soul.”


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