Short Stories

New Beginnings (DragonScript)


The Lady and the Dragon is the story of a dragon who is unexpectedly given a princess as a tribute from the local villagers. While stuck with this puny creature, he learns to appreciate the value of company and friendship.

Windstrider –The youngest of the wind siblings watches a mountain village grow up; yet as the years go by, she learns about the interactions that she’s missing with her brothers.

Johnny C. Vid is  an adrenaline junkie looking to get his next fix. While out looking for a hit, he stumbles into the seedy underground of illegal adrenaline draining and nearly becomes the victim of his own addiction.

In Tears of Stone, a teenage boy lost his family due to an air raid from their land’s king. As he was injured during the attack, he was blessed with magical properties from emerald crystals that implanted into his skin, ths becoming Spliced. However, he soon finds out that he is now a wanted man and learns to live his life while in hiding.

Loop is an intergalactic adventure in which a cadet tries to figure out why their day seemingly keeps repeating.

World’s Collide is the prologue to a larger series that follows a young god’s attempt to explain the delicate nature of the universe.

Find more about this collaborative short story anthology by the members of DragonScript here (the e-book version of this anthology is available as a free download).


DragonScript’s site:



Swords of Darkness (edited by L.C. Mortimer)


Dex wants to be a knight…

Dominic wants to prove himself…

Reynard wants to win the fair maiden’s heart…

But nothing is ever as simple as it seems.

Swords of Darkness is a collection of nine short stories that question what it means to be human, what it means to be brave, and what it means to wield the power of a sword.

Stories include:
The Price of Ambition
Hallows Eve Street
A Test of His Metal
Reynard and the Dragon
The Soul Road
Dance of Swords
The Curse of Ennerath
The Sword of Hexworthy Manor
The Vourdelak

Link: (You can read a part of “The Price of Ambition” on the preview).

Light of the Last Day (Edited by Nyki Blatchley and Natalie Millman)

Light of the Last Day

“What might the light of the last day bring? The last day of your life? The last day of the world? Or the last day of a baseball season? Thirteen fantasy authors examine endings – and sometimes beginnings – in stories and poems ranging from lyrical to macabre, from bizarre worlds to here and now, from hope to despair. Wake with them to the Light of the Last Day.”

A collection of stories by some members of FWO,, a great site for people who are interested in this genre and want to share their stories or develop their ideas with other writers. I hope you enjoy it.

Idioma/Language: English



Fever Dreams and Ugly Things: A Collection of Weird Tales (by Clint Spahr)


“A pair of junkies attempt to break their addictions, with sorcery. A child’s fear of the monster in her room will ultimately reveal the truth behind a terrible family tragedy. An author learns his idol’s secret plight after receiving a gift from a friend. These and other tales of terror await you just within these pages. You’ll be greeted by things ranging from familiar ghosts to all new horrors. Come! And be introduced to the things that stalk just beyond the veil of ordinary life.”

A collection of dark, unusual stories that I am pretty sure you will enjoy.


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