The Dragon’s Secret Treasure (by Rie Drayce)

"A young woman named Damara is taken from her village by a mysterious stranger as dragons force the other villagers to flee. The stranger takes Damara to a nearby mountain, the home of the dragons, where she soon learns that not all is as it seems, and she has less to fear from the dragons … Continue reading The Dragon’s Secret Treasure (by Rie Drayce)

A Dragon’s Bargain (by Jason Nugent)

An unusual deal between a dragon-slayer and his prey - a dragon! Perfect for dragon lovers! Check more stories by Jason Nugent here on his blog: A Dragon’s Bargain (by Jason Nugent) “Keep moving!” the knight shouted. Dragus listened and watched carefully. The knight in rough silver armor led a man in chains through the forest. Dragus was almost … Continue reading A Dragon’s Bargain (by Jason Nugent)