Unburied Treasures: an illustrated anthology of speculative fiction

"What do you think of when you hear the word ‘treasure’? Do you picture gold and jewels spilling out of an iron-bound chest? See a glimpse of rare antiques hidden away in an attic? Or is it something more personal? Are there precious mementoes and gifts that are important to you? Pictures and talismans which … Continue reading Unburied Treasures: an illustrated anthology of speculative fiction


(A)¡Vamos a buscar dragones! En las siguientes semanas, mis publicaciones se van a enfocar en libros, historias, poemas o cualquier clase de obra literaria que incluya dragones, y debido a que uno de los propósitos de éste sitio es promover el trabajo de nuevos autores, estaré muy contento si ustedes desean compartir sus propias historias … Continue reading HIC SVNT DRACONES

World of Esras (by Azzedar Ranthalion)

"It is currently a time of peace in Esras, but not everything is as tranquil as it first looks. In the capital city of Gaia, more and more frays appear in the slums and alleyways. Although not everyone can agree on everything, one thing they can all agree upon are the problems present. Our protagonist, … Continue reading World of Esras (by Azzedar Ranthalion)

Purity Comes with a Cost (by Mythivy)

"Purity is an orphaned elf, living on her own in the city of Evenmoon. After hearing that there will be a scouting party going to spy on suspicious ogre movement, she decides to join them- in the form of a horse. But when her cover is blown and Stravick, only son to High Lord Merick, … Continue reading Purity Comes with a Cost (by Mythivy)