Ayar, La Leyenda de los Inkas

"El mundo andino ha caído en la oscuridad provocada por el hijo mayor del dios creador Wiracocha, ahora la responsabilidad de devolver la luz a la humanidad caerá sobre su otro hijo, quien luego de fallar en su misión enviará a sus sucesores. Ellos deberán luchar contra la oscuridad e incluso contra sí mismos para … Continue reading Ayar, La Leyenda de los Inkas

Slack Wyrm webcomic (by Joshua Wright)

  (EN) Slack Wyrm is a hilarious webcomic about the life of a lazy dragon and his forced interactions with humans. His personality traits are similar to those one might expect in a dragon: he is self-centered, selfish, disrespectful, hypothetically greedy (maybe one day he'll start gathering his hoard of gold... just maybe), and playful; … Continue reading Slack Wyrm webcomic (by Joshua Wright)

Webcomics: “dream*scar”, “Panthera”, and “Sidekicks”

Three webcomics I have really enjoyed. dream*scar (by Heather Meade) "Set in a post-modern alternate reality, dream*scar shows a world where Unhumans, the creatures of myth and lore, live openly amongst humans. The Reveal only happened some 20 years ago, and so times are still relatively chaotic for everyone involved [racism especially rampant]. Amidst all … Continue reading Webcomics: “dream*scar”, “Panthera”, and “Sidekicks”

World of Esras (by Azzedar Ranthalion)

"It is currently a time of peace in Esras, but not everything is as tranquil as it first looks. In the capital city of Gaia, more and more frays appear in the slums and alleyways. Although not everyone can agree on everything, one thing they can all agree upon are the problems present. Our protagonist, … Continue reading World of Esras (by Azzedar Ranthalion)