Slack Wyrm webcomic (by Joshua Wright)

  (EN) Slack Wyrm is a hilarious webcomic about the life of a lazy dragon and his forced interactions with humans. His personality traits are similar to those one might expect in a dragon: he is self-centered, selfish, disrespectful, hypothetically greedy (maybe one day he'll start gathering his hoard of gold... just maybe), and playful; … Continue reading Slack Wyrm webcomic (by Joshua Wright)

The Promises of Dragons (by V.M. Sang)

If you are a dragon lover, you will certainly enjoy this short story, in which Gulineran, the dragoness, teaches a lifelong lesson to a bunch of bothersome humans. Would you trust the promises of dragons? Link: By the way, you will find many interesting posts in the author's blog; for one thing, it is called Dragon … Continue reading The Promises of Dragons (by V.M. Sang)

The Flying Cobras (by Christina DZA Marie)

Today I want to share an online series that I find very interesting, "The Flying Cobras" by Christina DZA Marie. I hope you enjoy reading it! Here, a brief description as seen on the author's site: "A reincarnating priest, a werewolf, an arachnophobic sorceress, a mage whose hair catches fire when he's angry, and their … Continue reading The Flying Cobras (by Christina DZA Marie)

Exposed – Virus Part 2 (by RJ Crayton)

"The safety of the underground bunker is left behind. Elaan and her friends are out in the open, exposed to the world above. Exposed to a world that has been ravished by the virus. Can they make it to the one person they've been told can provide them safety?" This is the second book of … Continue reading Exposed – Virus Part 2 (by RJ Crayton)