Dragons Fly (by V.M. Sang)

DRAGONS FLY Dragons fly Soaring high Tiny specks up in the sky. Dragons swoop And loop the loop Then come together in a group. Dragons dive Up there they thrive. They all love to be alive. Dragons flame. It’s just a game They are wild, they are not tame. Dragons play Above the bay. Dangerous … Continue reading Dragons Fly (by V.M. Sang)

The Promises of Dragons (by V.M. Sang)

If you are a dragon lover, you will certainly enjoy this short story, in which Gulineran, the dragoness, teaches a lifelong lesson to a bunch of bothersome humans. Would you trust the promises of dragons? Link: https://aspholessaria.wordpress.com/2016/08/23/the-promises-of-dragons/ By the way, you will find many interesting posts in the author's blog; for one thing, it is called Dragon … Continue reading The Promises of Dragons (by V.M. Sang)

Tarragon Slayer (by Ludy Feyen)

Let the dragon quest begin with Tarragon Slayer, a story that tells the adventures of a woman called Tarragon who has to find a way to find the legendary dragons in order to fulfill her mission, a task that won’t be easy in the least. This story is still in progress, but you can read … Continue reading Tarragon Slayer (by Ludy Feyen)

The Flying Cobras (by Christina DZA Marie)

Today I want to share an online series that I find very interesting, "The Flying Cobras" by Christina DZA Marie. I hope you enjoy reading it! Here, a brief description as seen on the author's site: "A reincarnating priest, a werewolf, an arachnophobic sorceress, a mage whose hair catches fire when he's angry, and their … Continue reading The Flying Cobras (by Christina DZA Marie)

Purity Comes with a Cost (by Mythivy)

"Purity is an orphaned elf, living on her own in the city of Evenmoon. After hearing that there will be a scouting party going to spy on suspicious ogre movement, she decides to join them- in the form of a horse. But when her cover is blown and Stravick, only son to High Lord Merick, … Continue reading Purity Comes with a Cost (by Mythivy)