Tarragon Slayer (by Ludy Feyen)

Let the dragon quest begin with Tarragon Slayer, a story that tells the adventures of a woman called Tarragon who has to find a way to find the legendary dragons in order to fulfill her mission, a task that won’t be easy in the least.

This story is still in progress, but you can read the first three parts online (each part contains several chapters).

1. The Maiden Green

The Maiden in Green

At the age fifteen, Tarragon is convinced that she knows the difference between reality and children’s tales. Monsters do not exist. Only, she does not realize that the island on which she was born and bred, is well protected. However, on a pleasant autumn day she discovers that the creatures of myth are real and deadly.

2. The Dragon Nests

The Dragon Nests

Our pretty heroine has grown up and learned a lot. Now it is time to put her skills and knowledge to the test as she joins a blacksmith on his quest to find long forgotten places.

3. Fugitives


Dunn and Tarragon continue their quest to find all the Dragon Nests, aware that the undertaking will probably not be crowned with success. But anything is better than landing back in Dunnan where the King is likely to separate them.

Link: http://www.tarragonslayer.be/

2 thoughts on “Tarragon Slayer (by Ludy Feyen)

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