“Amar lo que la muerte ha tocado”, por Chaim Stern

En el último episodio de la serie "Godless", uno de los personajes recita un poema titulado "'Tis a Fearful Thing" (Es una cosa atemorizante), el cual es atribuido al poeta sefardí medieval Yehuda Halevi (1070-1141). Buscando por internet, descubrí no solo que que este poema también aparece con el título "To Love What Death Has … Continue reading “Amar lo que la muerte ha tocado”, por Chaim Stern

Dragon Festivals

Dragons in our calendar. Saint George's Day Saint George's Day is celebrated in some of the countries where he is regarded as a patron saint on April 23, which is the official day of the saint's death in the General Roman Calendar. According to legend, Saint George was a roman soldier born in Capadoccia who … Continue reading Dragon Festivals

Webcomics: “dream*scar”, “Panthera”, and “Sidekicks”

Three webcomics I have really enjoyed. dream*scar (by Heather Meade) "Set in a post-modern alternate reality, dream*scar shows a world where Unhumans, the creatures of myth and lore, live openly amongst humans. The Reveal only happened some 20 years ago, and so times are still relatively chaotic for everyone involved [racism especially rampant]. Amidst all … Continue reading Webcomics: “dream*scar”, “Panthera”, and “Sidekicks”