Webcomics: “dream*scar”, “Panthera”, and “Sidekicks”

Three webcomics I have really enjoyed. dream*scar (by Heather Meade) "Set in a post-modern alternate reality, dream*scar shows a world where Unhumans, the creatures of myth and lore, live openly amongst humans. The Reveal only happened some 20 years ago, and so times are still relatively chaotic for everyone involved [racism especially rampant]. Amidst all … Continue reading Webcomics: “dream*scar”, “Panthera”, and “Sidekicks”

Oberhau y Unterhau – Cortes básicos con la espada larga en la tradición de Liechtenauer

“Y debes saber que todos los golpes que pueden ser nombrados provienen de dos golpes solamente: estos son el golpe superior (Oberhau) y el golpe inferior (Unterhau) desde ambos lados. Estos son los golpes principales, y son la fundación de todos los otros ataques.” Glosa de Johannes Liechtenauer, Nuremberg Hausbuch MS 3227a. Históricamente, la espada … Continue reading Oberhau y Unterhau – Cortes básicos con la espada larga en la tradición de Liechtenauer

Dragon’s Call (by Heather O’Connell)

Dragon's Call We sleep with the dragons, in the hidden lair. We sing their call, in our every prayer. Through our eyes, their world is clear. Their forgotten song, our heart can hear. They guide our way, threw the darkest night. We use their wisdom, to give us sight. Through our voice, you hear their cries. Their … Continue reading Dragon’s Call (by Heather O’Connell)

Short Stories

New Beginnings (DragonScript) The Lady and the Dragon is the story of a dragon who is unexpectedly given a princess as a tribute from the local villagers. While stuck with this puny creature, he learns to appreciate the value of company and friendship. Windstrider -The youngest of the wind siblings watches a mountain village grow up; … Continue reading Short Stories

Ancient Dragon Myths: Tiamat, Yam and Illuyanka

In our mind, the word “dragon” instantly projects the image of a huge winged beast whose body is covered with scales that can spit fire from its mouth, a monster that we usually find protecting an ancient treasure in the depths of a dungeon or disturbing the peace of the good people in our fairy … Continue reading Ancient Dragon Myths: Tiamat, Yam and Illuyanka