Unburied Treasures: an illustrated anthology of speculative fiction


“What do you think of when you hear the word ‘treasure’? Do you picture gold and jewels spilling out of an iron-bound chest? See a glimpse of rare antiques hidden away in an attic? Or is it something more personal? Are there precious mementoes and gifts that are important to you? Pictures and talismans which never fail to kindle intense thoughts and feelings within you?

Treasures can be heroically gained or tragically lost – and be held all the more dear for it. Treasure can mean both the warm golden glow of memory, and the sharp-edged sparkle of adventure. Discovered treasure may promise a future of ease and delight, or be a reminder of war and chaos. There is treasure of the mind and treasure of the heart. Ideas, dreams, and intimate connections are all to be treasured.

So what treasures do you seek? Venture into the anthology. There are riches of every kind collected here.”

After a week long pause, the dragon quest finally continues! Author Nyki Blatchley wrote a story called Finder’s Fee, which is set in a version of the modern world that’s been conquered by intelligent dragons. Here, humans are merely the servants of the dragons and their genetically engineered lizard people, and the world is run according to what dragons value -and as everyone knows, they value treasure. They employ human Finders to sniff out unclaimed treasure, but one has his own ideas of how to exploit this situation.Finder’s Fee is part of a beautifully illustrated anthology that features stories loosely based on the theme of “unburied treasure” from the following authors: Daniel Ausema, Barbara A. Barnett, Nyki Blatchley, Lindsey Duncan, Indigo Dylis, Lydia Kurnia, Jonathan S. Pembroke, Leslianne Wilder & Erika Wilson.

I hope you enjoy it!


Niki Blatchley’s blog:


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