The Adventures of Elsabeth Soesten (by D. E. Wyatt)

D. E. Wyatt’s "The Adventures of Elsabeth Soesten”  thrilling story in medieval times with fun characters (see if you don't love Tetty and Brother Hyeronimus), entertaining dialogues, lots of intrigue and well-written fighting scenes. Two books have been written so far: No Good Deed... and Bait and Switch (you will find some sample pages of both books on … Continue reading The Adventures of Elsabeth Soesten (by D. E. Wyatt)

World of Esras (by Azzedar Ranthalion)

"It is currently a time of peace in Esras, but not everything is as tranquil as it first looks. In the capital city of Gaia, more and more frays appear in the slums and alleyways. Although not everyone can agree on everything, one thing they can all agree upon are the problems present. Our protagonist, … Continue reading World of Esras (by Azzedar Ranthalion)

Seascape (by Benita J. Prins)

"All that fifteen-year-old Einur Landman has left in the world are his flock of sheep and his beloved little sister. The entire purpose of his life is to keep Lody safe from the Illyrië. But what he never expected was that it would be his own name that was drawn for the child sacrifice. Leaving … Continue reading Seascape (by Benita J. Prins)

The Flying Cobras (by Christina DZA Marie)

Today I want to share an online series that I find very interesting, "The Flying Cobras" by Christina DZA Marie. I hope you enjoy reading it! Here, a brief description as seen on the author's site: "A reincarnating priest, a werewolf, an arachnophobic sorceress, a mage whose hair catches fire when he's angry, and their … Continue reading The Flying Cobras (by Christina DZA Marie)